Rose serves community and school

Being ASB president as well as the captain of the water polo, swim and soccer teams—senior Jack Rose is an active student at PHS.

Involved in many extracurricular activities, Rose is often seen throughout the halls. Enough that many people across the school have wondered, “Does he even have classes?” But yes, Rose balances schoolwork, sports and other activities while still making room to lead the school through being ASB president.

“Many classes are starting to die down since it is becoming to be the end of the year, I am able to dedicate some of my time towards teachers and the school in general to and try to help out and get tasks done that need to get done, whether that be through ASB or leadership. Helping out others is really important and sometimes that comes above my classes,” Rose said.

This was Rose’s first year in leadership and he is thankful that he had the opportunity to join these programs.

“At the end of junior year Jamie Mooring, [leadership teacher at PHS] talked to me about leadership as something I should try. She seemed very confident in saying that I should be in a leadership role. With band fourth period I was able to work out the schedule with Mr. Ryan, who is very understanding, as well as Mooring. I am thankful for them both because it has been amazing,” Rose said. “I have gotten to participate in the class and go behind the scenes of events. I have been able to recognize students across the school and I am really thankful to be a part of such a great leadership program.”

Along with leadership, Rose was ASB president and has been able to connect with people across the Puyallup community.

“The ASB role I hold is a symbol of the school; it is a face where I am able to connect with people from outside of PHS and community members and represent our school which is rewarding. Taking this role is something I had been really excited to do and I think it has gone pretty well this year, I am happy to represent our school,” Rose said. “This whole senior year has not just been about the sports or the ASB roles or leadership. It is all about serving the community. I am so happy I have been able to offer my services to Puyallup and that just happens to be that the outlets to do that have been ASB president, leadership, water polo, swim and soccer.”

When looking back on his high school experience Rose mentioned all of the opportunities he has had through PHS, including being a part of three sports teams and having to go through wins and losses while still staying together and supporting each other. But one event within his high school career was the most memorable.

“One of the great memories I have throughout high school is winter wishes. Just seeing all that went into the program, it is only showcased at our school for one day but there is a bunch of preparation going into this event, ultimately to reach out to the students of PHS. We spend months of work trying to get businesses to donate and there is so much behind the scenes work that goes into this,” Rose said. “It was rewarding to see all of this come together and turn out each year.”

Rose’s after high school plans consist of continuing in his athletic career by being on the soccer team, as well and joining the band program at Pacific Lutheran University.