Stagecraft welcomes all students

Stagecraft is a class that teaches students the important aspects of theater, both on stage and behind the scenes.

Members work together to learn new techniques pertaining to concepts such as stage lighting and set-up.

Drama and stagecraft teacher Peter Sirl explains the responsibilities associated with stagecraft.

“Stagecraft is a class at Puyallup High School where the students learn the aspects of technical theater. So construction, lighting, rigging, painting, sound design and set design,” Sirl said. “They learn about that stuff and they actually apply it as they are responsible to build the sets for the shows and run any event that goes on in the theater.”

The class has no prerequisites in order to join and is welcoming to anyone who is interested in learning more about theater production.

Whether you enjoy being the main focus on stage or you prefer working off set behind the scenes, stagecraft works to address anyone’s theater-related interests. The class emphasizes the application of learned skills as students are able to go on and utilize their talents at events including school assemblies and plays.

Stagecraft requires participation outside of the classroom and students must be willing to work afterschool and on weekends.

“Most work [outside of class] occurs on Saturdays,” Sirl said.

While theater requires a great deal of time and effort outside of the classroom, the application of skills provides for a rewarding learning experience.