Economics class raises money for Sacks of Love

The economics class held a Hawaiian Punch fundraiser Sept. 26 to support the Sacks of Love foundation. Students in the class sold the juice during lunches as part of their free enterprise unit, after which the $169.18 raised was donated.
Teacher Joseph Hua claims that although the fundraiser went well and the students generated money, the event had done better in the past.
“The fundraiser went well for all the nutritional guidelines that we had to follow, we did not make as much money as we have in the past since last year we were able to do cookies and doughnuts so it was a little bit tougher but I am satisfied with how we did,” Hua said. “Next year I will be looking for something more but I am satisfied with what we got this year.”
After the fundraiser was said and done, all proceeds were donated to the Sacks of Love foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to awareness of testicular cancer and men’s health.
“At the beginning of the unit I let them know what we were doing and told them if they had any charities they would like to donate to, let me know,” Hua said. “A few charities came up, Sacks of Love being one of them, we took a vote and Sacks of Love was chosen.”