Class of 2017 has elections

Olivia Wood
Kaylee Serterfield giving her speech for yell leader

The class of 2017 had their first election Friday, Oct. 17.
President Sam Ebner talks about his goals for this year being more than just the traditional president.
“My goal for this year is to be a true leader,” said Ebner.
Vice president Willie Vetsch says he’d like to make progress on bullying and make a change for the better.
“I think strong leadership leads to great schools,” said Vetsch.
Secretary Cammie Wolter speaks about the tasks of a secretary and that she is best for the job.
“I believe I am capable of the tasks given to me,” said Wolter.
Treasurer Hailey Manley discusses different ideas for the class of 2017.
“I think I have great ideas for senior prom,” said Manley.
This year’s yell leader Kaylee Serterfield discusses what she can provide as the yell leader.
“Yolo am I right,” said Serterfield.
The class of 2017 also chose their class yell “We’re 17, we don’t take pity, we’re the class that rules the city.”