Lee speeds toward gold

Senior David Lee has been speed skating since the age of nine.
Last year Lee competed at the national speed skating competition held in Roseville, Minn.
For the United States Junior Ranking, he placed first overall for the 500 meter and second overall for the 1,000 meter.
Lee says he was inspired to begin skating from his parent’s previous accomplishments in the sport.
“I kept skating because both of my parents were successful skaters. My mom was [the] 1988 Calvary winner Olympian for speed skating and my dad was the Korean National coach for speed skating,” Lee said.
Lee trains at the Puget Sound Hockey Center five days a week. He described what keeps him motivated to continue skating.
“Because skating is so revolved around how fast you go, every time you break your own personal record it motivates you to break it again. That is the most captivating part about speed skating,” Lee said.