Historical Film Society delves into silver screen

The Historical Film Society provides students with a chance to watch movies with a historical significance.
For students who are interested in joining the club, the Historical Film Society meets every Wednesday at 2:30 p.m. in portable 10.
Club member Samantha Hendershot explains the role of the Historical Film Society.
“The role [of] the club is to go there and observe movies that are historically based or based on historical events. Your objective is to learn about those historical events and make connections with other historical events,” Hendershot said.
The club watches movies such as “An American Tale,” “There Will be Blood” and “Titanic.” The Historical Film Club also analyzes aspects of the movies they watch.
“While the movie is playing we will occasionally pause the movie and discuss what has happened. [Wednesday] we were discussing how the ice broke the [Titanic] so easily. It was because it was made of iron and we discussed the structure of the ship [as well as] other ships in the time period,” Hendershot said.