Band gets new uniforms

After 25 long years the Puyallup School District purchased new band uniforms for all the high schools.
Band director Eric Ryan gives his opinion about the new uniforms.
“I love the uniforms. There is a sense of pride that comes with looking and sounding great. I am very happy,” Ryan said.
The district purchased the uniforms from a company named Demoulin.
Band member Amy Krantz shares on how she feels about the uniforms.
“I am so excited about the uniforms, when the band is all together we look really nice,” said Krantz.
Although some students do not feel as fashionable in them they are taking one for the team.
“We are working through it together,” Ryan said.
Ryan feels that the students are happy with the uniforms.
“I think the students are excited about how great we look in them,” Ryan said.