Viking Voyager

The Viking Voyager is creating the first literary magazine at Puyallup High School in the last 14 years.
Senior Tiffanny Hamilton is the student coordinator with teacher Sara Waters as the adviser.
“We plan on publishing everything we can get, assuming it is school appropriate. Boundaries will be set later on, we are now just trying to get submissions,” Hamilton said.
The Viking Voyager plans on producing a literary magazine as a form of student self-expression. Anyone is able to submit a form of literary work, whether it is a short story or a poem.
“The club is open to absolutely everyone. You can submit publicly, anonymously or under an alias,” Hamilton said.
The club meets every Wednesday in Room 205. The first publication is set to be released before Thanksgiving.
“If you cannot attend the club or if you do not want to but you have [content] you want to share, there will be a drop box,” Hamilton said.
The drop box has yet to be set up. For more information, contact Tiffanny Hamilton at [email protected] or Sara Waters in Room 205.