Juniors prepare for senior year

Junior year may seem stressful with the Junior Research Paper and the ever looming SAT but senior year is full of graduation requirements, adult responsibilities and deadlines.

Not only are you expected to know where you want to go after high school but you are also expected to complete the Culminating Project.

There is, however, a few simple steps one could take to guarantee a stress-free and fun senior year.

On this subject, On-Time Graduation Specialist Annette Burnett shares what juniors should be doing to prepare for their last year of high school.

“[Juniors should] make sure they have completed all of their testing, most of which takes place in sophomore year. They should also be keeping track of their credits as they are coming up on registration [beginning in] February,” Burnett said. “[They should] make sure that they are passing their classes [since] semester is almost over and meet with their counselors when they do not do so well so they can be enrolled in credit retrieval. [And] as they are planning their senior year schedules [they should] get some of their culminating project stuff out of the way.”

Likewise, senior Maggie Pemberton explains that juniors should complete their community service as soon as possible.

“I think the juniors should get their community service over with so that it will not be a concern senior year. And that way they can just fill out the paperwork. I think they should get their plan done because figuring out how to do it is the hardest part,” Pemberton said. “Also, try to get a lot of sleep and do not stress out more than necessary.”

In addition to working on their Culminating Projects, Burnett clarifies different resources available to help students prepare for the SAT and ACT, both tests being important for post-high school plans.

“There are practice books in the library and student services for the SAT. There are also lots of online resources as well through either CollegeBoard or The ACT,” Burnett said.

One could additionally guarantee an easier senior year by realizing where most students go wrong and not making those same mistake, says senior Jake Andrus.

“[Students go wrong by] not preparing well for finals or tests. And maybe [thinking] that skipping a homework assignment would be okay because you are already doing well in the class but you should do it anyways,” Andrus said. “Have fun but make sure you stay on top of everything.”

Burnett additionally comments on how a student can get ahead in his or her studies through online classes if they so choose.

“Students who are looking to get ahead can take classes online through other universities. Some students have used Brigham Youth University and there are a couple of other universities,” Burnett said. “But definitely make an appointment with your counselor and have that conversation because they have a list of colleges that we accept their credits so they can count towards graduation.”

Senior Anthony Lee says the best way to a carefree senior year is to enjoy life.

“[Students] should pay attention in class and take notes,” Lee said. “But honestly I feel like people worry too much. Do not worry about it. Enjoy life because people are too stressed about junior year and then they become stressed as a senior. They should just take a step back and appreciate life.”

On the whole, Burnett advises students to create a plan and stick to it.

“I think the most important part is planning and making sure that you are following up on that plan. It is one thing to make the list but not to review it and not to make progress on it. If that plan is not working then revamp it too one that will work for you,” Burnett said. “Seek help if you need help. The hardest part is admitting you need help and then finding that person who will [help you].”