Personality Profile: Haley Smith

From all the sports available at a young age, some find interest in ones like basketball or soccer.

For senior Hailey Smith she started track and field at the age of five. She had to attend dual meets (when a group of children go to a track and race unofficially) and she says was not interested in running.

When forced to run by her dad, Smith won her first race and started to love running.

“I felt ecstatic and wanted to keep running but the race was over,” Smith said.

The events she says she focuses on in track and field are the relays, the 200-meter dash or her favorite — the 400-meter dash.

“I love the feeling of passing someone and the wind on your face. The very last 100 meters when you are going past someone; it is exciting,” Smith said.

After a few years of track Smith says she has become more and more competitive. Although she doesn’t practice as much anymore, Smith says she would normally practice four times a week so she can get even faster.

“I joined the AAU (Amateur Athletic Track Union) at the age of 11. I raced girls from Oregon, parts all over Washington and California. I ran at the national track meet in Las Vegas and placed top 15,” Smith said.

Smith joined the AAU when her dad was talking to her couch and her couch recommended that she join.

“I raced against girls who were stronger and trained harder than me, but with this I gained strength and experience,” Smith said.

Now she is on a break from practicing from track but says she is ready for her last track season Feb 5.