Course offerings differ

Alumna Margaret (Longabaugh) Fillo remembers PHS and its class structure to be quite different from how it is today.

“We had three classes a day, each one was two hours long. Then on Fridays we had all six classes,” Fillo said.

Fillo recalled the classes she took senior year, which included study hall: something that is no longer offered at PHS.

“I had US History and an English class; I had a P.E. class and I had study hall. We used to have study hall an hour a day. I had it set up where I would take all my classes that I had to take early so my senior year I had a study hall each day. I only had to take four classes that year,” Fillo said. “I enjoyed my English class and as a senior you did not have to take P.E. but I did it because I enjoyed P.E.”

Fillo’s fourth class was Secretarial Science.

“Secretarial Science was where we learned to do the old fashioned adding machine where you pushed the button and pulled the crank down. There were Dictaphones where if you worked in an office your boss would talk into a microphone to dictate a letter and then you would transcribe it,” Fillo said.

According to Fillo, this class was helpful later in life.

“For about a year I worked at Merrill Lynch, the stock broker,” Fillo said.

After working at Merrill Lynch, Fillo got married. After her children were in school she worked in a school district with children who needed help learning to read and do math.