Meyerhoff Makes His Way Back to PHS

Alumnus Jim Meyerhoff says he is “glad to be back “starting his 25th year teaching as the athletic director and a CTE teacher.
Meyerhoff graduated from PHS in 1987 and says this was where he decided he wanted to become a teacher.
“I knew I wanted to be a teacher my junior year of high school; I was a sixth grade camp counselor and my dad was a teacher so that helped. My mom also worked in education,” Meyerhoff said.
Other reasons also contributed to his decision to enter teaching as a profession.
“Teaching would allow me to do other things like coaching,” Meyerhoff said.
Meyerhoff has been working at other schools around Washington State.
“Teaching has changed a lot in 25 years and it is something I really enjoy. Working with students is a lot more fun than it sounds,” Meyerhoff said.
Meyerhoff may have decided to become a teacher in high school but did not find his love for photography until college.
“I was in college at PLU where I was a sports photographer and that peaked my interest and it has just evolved from there,” Meyerhoff said.
Meyerhoff currently teaches three sections of digital photo in the morning before assuming his duties as athletic director in the afternoon.
“Photography is a fun and evolving career and technology continues to grow and get us things which is nice,” Meyerhoff said.
If Meyerhoff’s years of experience and love for the subject are not enough, he says you do not need to be intimidated.
“I am not as mean and scary as I may seem,” Meyerhoff said.