Evans contemplates impact

Andrae Evans is a new Special Education math and English teacher.

Evans relates his favorite subject, history, to the subjects he is currently teaching.

“I like to help students on their goals. Helping them in English will help them in history, helping them in math could help them understand [other subjects],” Evans said.

In his first year as a teacher he has a few ideas on clubs that will help students.

“Down the road, I believe I will be able to create some clubs for a lot of diverse students around here,” Evans said.

Struggling to put to words what he is excited for this year, Evans points out one of his biggest values.

“I look forward to seeing students progress to a point they notice it,” Evans said. “A lot of students progress but they do not notice themselves progressing. They know in the back of their head they can but they have not progressed at a speed that they need. I want to see a student who can see it and are able to do more of it on [his/her] own.”

At the end of the day, there was only one thing he really wanted people to know.

“I always have an open door policy; I am always willing to help but they have to ask for it,” Evans said.