Kalles tradition continues to assist local boy

Jake Allen , Staff

Logan Lewis was diagnosed with neuroblastoma at age five, this was a rare form of cancer that he had to face. Logan went through nine weeks of chemo, had a half-mouse, half-human antibody put in him and suffered a 104 degree fever.

The staff and students at Kalles Junior High came together to create a fundraiser to help with Lewis’ fight. The idea was a three-on-three basketball tournament that had several age brackets so that everyone could participate and donate. They called this event “Loganfest”- little did they know it could expand to such heights. The Lewis family agreed that the first year was a huge success in helping their family.

For the next eight years, Kalles decided to host the tournament year after year. Kalles has sponsored this tournament to help different kids fighting illness. This year Lewis was re-diagnosed with the same disease, neuroblastoma and had to go through chemo for three weeks and two radiations in a room for a week. Lewis fought hard once again and had the same support from “Loganfest” that he had when he was five according to the family.

Now Logan is a current student at Kalles and the entire school is backing him in “Loganfest” to help him and the Lewis family. Lewis’ strong and positive attitude and the support of his friends and family have motivated him to keep on fighting according to the family.

Lewis believes that people should never think negatively when in a tough time.

“To anyone going through a tough time I would tell them not to think about whatever your struggle is but instead to think about your happy place and what you enjoy to do to get your mind off that thing,” Lewis said.

Lewis also believes that there is always something you can learn from going through a hard time or tough situation.

“There was a doctor that I met that had gone through cancer three times and beat it three times. That helped me know that I could do the same,” Lewis said.

Ever since he was little, Lewis’ story has been updated online at loganstrong.com for any supporters or friends and family to see. The website features the information and activities that Lewis does and it shows the strength that Lewis has through his positive attitude.

The website is still updated on a normal basis and shares his story step-by-step.

“I like to play Xbox, go on walks and of course sleeping and eating. Also, I love to play golf,” Lewis said.

Lewis’ positivity carried into everything he does including school.

“My favorite subject is math even though I thought it was the worst subject ever in fifth grade,” Lewis said.

“Loganfest” has become a charity event and a tradition at Kalles that brings benefit to those in need. It all started with Lewis and his fight and has now spread into a bigger project with the goal to give aid to those who also suffer from an illness. Lewis has sparked something that works for the greater good and has changed the lives of many.

This story is one of a strong boy who fought against the odds to prove that anything is possible that you out your mind to. Lewis believes that is one big thing he has learned through his battle.

“I learned to never quit and never give up,” Lewis said.