The power of makeup

Ranging from jet-black liners of the ancient Egyptians, to bold red lips in the ‘20s and to present day contour enthusiasts, makeup is a prominent tool used by the masses.

However, there is so much more that follows makeup than just the wearing of it itself. Cosmetics can hold different meanings and uses to different people in diversified cultures and personal beliefs and opinions.

The general meaning of makeup is to polish and improve our outside appearance. However, this general meaning has greatly altered in the new era of technology and acceptance of complete self-expression in society today. More so than ever before, makeup is no longer a jumble of products with promises, but seen as a form of art, celebrated by all ages and genders and a booming industry.

For many young women today wearing makeup begins at the tender pre-teen age, a new practice from the popular conservative ways of the past.

Salon Ish owner and aesthetician Katelyn Corrado shares her experience of transitioning into wearing makeup.

“[I have been wearing makeup] since seventh grade. A lot of it was inspired by my friends. My mom was not a makeup wearer but I definitely watched my girlfriends really start playing with it and doing makeup consultations at makeup counters at the mall. That really got me going and interested in it,” Corrado said.

Applying makeup tends to be a practice that requires repetition for optimal results. Junior Ashley Higginbottom shares how she acquired the skills she has today.

“I actually mostly taught myself. You kind of just keep practicing at it and then once you invest a lot of time into it you get good at it,” Higginbottom said.

While not all wearers of makeup today happen to be licensed cosmetologists and experts in the field, social media has highlighted the beauty industry. Sites such as Instagram, YouTube and Twitter have helped people everywhere accomplish the looks they desire.

“I love watching short Instagram videos on contouring and winged liner. Especially those short [Instagram videos] that are so simple. It gives a step-by-step technique to make flawless contouring, eyeliner and lips, whatever it may be,” Corrato said.

With a wide variety of products ranging from foundation to gloss, makeup can surely add up and be expensive. Corrato explains that social media can be a great way to utilize the products collecting dust in makeup bags everywhere.

“[Social media] also gives an inspiration on how to be creative with what you already have. You can use your typical makeup and create something just as beautiful,” Corrato said.

Apart from the beauty industry and social media, makeup can hold a much deeper meaning to wearers than just getting a perfect winged look or smoked out eyes.

Junior Kaylee Setterfield shares her idea of the power makeup has for people.

“The power of makeup is to give someone confidence in themselves. If they have something they want to cover up or just express themselves,” Setterfield said.

Corrato in addition expands on why so many men and women wear makeup and care about it so greatly.

“Not only do we have imperfections that we want to conceal, we also have different features that are amazing that we want to highlight and amplify,”Corrato said.

Negative critics can follow people today based on the amount or style of makeup they wear, Higginbottom elaborates her response to judgements on makeup.

“I think people should be able to express themselves however they want and there should not be a right or wrong. Just be yourself,” Higginbottom said.

Setterfield shares her perspective on people who wear and experiment with makeup at school and in the outside world.

“For me the career path that I want to go into is cosmetology and makeup artistry so I support girls who wear makeup. I just do not support girls who wear makeup but do not see the inner beauty of themselves or just do not appreciate the inner and outer beauty of other people,” Setterfield said.

Makeup has captured the interest of millions across the world. Beauty blogs, makeup brands, YouTube videos and so many more practices have been started to boost the makeup industry.

Corrato shares some of her best advice for anyone looking to possibly join the clan of beauty gurus and make a career out of their passions.

“It takes honesty. It is really important to be clear about what you can accomplish for your client and not make empty promises that they can look like Kim Kardashian if they are just not Kim Kardashian. It is a huge success in our salon to be clear with people of what we can accomplish for them and what is and is not a reality,” Corrado said.

When having a job in an industry that focuses directly on the people based off of product and experience, Corrato shares being a part of her clients experience is even so much more rewarding to her as an artist as well.

“We do a ton of bridal services. We get to make them feel beautiful and give them a perfect look that they have this vision since they were a little girl of what they were going to look like on their wedding day,” Corrado said.

So whether a person has a passion for makeup artistry, aspires to have more confidence or delve into the buzzing beauty business, makeup is all what you make it.

“Makeup is incredibly simple but something that you can make incredibly successful for yourself,” Corrato said.