Shula new to PHS


Michelle Shula is a sophomore and junior English teacher new to Puyallup High School this year. Like her sophomores she is making the transition to high school.


Shula attended Seattle Pacific University for her undergraduate degree and got her master’s degree through Grand Canyon University’s online program.


Shula says her inspiration for teaching is stemmed from her love of kids. She says she has only ever been a teacher because she likes to influence young minds.

One thing Shula wants students to know is that she respects them.


“I was at second grade elementary [before coming to PHS].  It’s kind of going to be a transition time but I will respect[students] and it would be nice if it was a two-way street,”Shula said.“I do care about them. I feel like the reason I moved to high school was that I thought this was the last chance to make an impact.”


According to Shula, her journey to PHS was not smooth or planned.


“I was at Hunt Elementary and I taught kindergarten, first, second, third, fourth and fifth grade there. I really always wanted to come to the high school but I was afraid to leave my friends because it was a great situation. A friend of mine died this past year and her license plate was ‘don’t wait.’  That made me go for it,” Shula said.


Shula also participates in reading and writing. She says she loves to read and write.  


“I was so impressed with the staff because I thought elementary [teaching] is a lot more hands-on, but  how the staff [at PHS] is really involved — it impressed me,” Shula said.