Weekly Artist Feature: Drew Whitney

Drew Whitney shows off his charcoal piece of Gene Clark outside the AP Art room. He tends to draw music artists he likes. “The sketch of Gene Clark doesn’t have a whole lot of meaning behind it. I decided to sketch him because he is one of my favorite song writers. But I wanted to catch his expression using rough charcoal to create a lot of depth, as well,” Whitney said.
Whitney in action in Coleman’s classroom. This piece is Drew’s most current work in progress. “What inspires me are the pictures I take in day-to-day life,” Whitney said.
Whitney’s most current work in progress. Whitney was able to make this sketch quickly based on an image on his phone. “I’d describe my artistic style as dramatic with the exception of my watercolor pieces which would be more earthy and simple,” Whitney said.
Whitney used the perspective overlooking a mountain range from a cabin view. This is one of his first attempts at using watercolor. “I work with watercolor, charcoal and pen,” Whitney said.