Viking Student Media extends thanks to supporters of scholastic journalism at PHS


The Class of 2021, for three years of resilience and friendship. We thank you for being a senior class that represents Puyallup High School with pride and passion, for exhibiting grit and focus in the unknown territory that has been our senior year. Thank you for your willingness to listen to us as we share with you and to strengthen the connection between all of us. The time has come for us to all move on to the next chapter. 


Richard Frazakerly, as well as the remainder of the Pacific Publishing Company staff for continuous answers and help over the years. We thank you for many excellently printed issues over the course of many years and being the reason our computer work becomes tangible.


Dave Sunich, we thank you for taking the time out of your work day to interact with our reporters in order for us to serve our community with the news they need to, want to and should know. We appreciate your willingness to aid in our process of interacting with our community and our mission to amplify the voices of those within it. Thank you for your support of the student voice. 


Kelly Susee, for also continually obliging to our interview requests and answering any questions we may have. We appreciate your voice and athletic knowledge.


Interviewees, for allowing us the privilege to share your voice and your story through our publication; we thank you for living exceptional lives. We are forever appreciative of your cheerful compliance and openness which is the backbone of our journalistic goals. You are The Viking Vanguard.


Our Advertisers, for allowing us to do what we do. Without your support, our publication would not be possible. We thank you for your support of student expression and of our publication. 


Readers, for your support of our craft. You are who we do this for; your positive comments and interaction give us reason. Thank you for adapting to new media outlets and formats with us whether it be, social media, our website or redesigns of our print publication. Above all, we appreciate you for continuing to trust in us to supply you with content even through the unsureness that has defined the last year and the lack of face-to-face and tangibility we all experienced. 


Viking News Network Staff, for providing the news we need to know, want to know and should know to get our viewers through their week alongside us and for bringing visual elements to our stories. Thank you for your unwavering dedication and motivation as well as all of the laughter. 


Brian Coyer, for your incredible patience with our long deadlines and late nights. Thank you for being gracious enough to allow us to steal your wife for such an outstanding amount of time. We are thankful for you. 


Sandra Coyer, for being the most outstanding adviser any of us could have ever asked for. With not enough room to fully explain our gratitude, we give you this: Thank you for being such a supportive role model as a journalist, a teacher, a mentor and a person. You inspire us each and every day. Thank you for consistently giving us opportunities to be the best journalists we can be and for urging us to continue growing as young people. Thank you for your wisdom and guidance through tough decisions and your competitive nature that has aided us in our many first place awards this year. We are who we are because of you. Thank you.