Senior Perseveres Through Stress

Every year, Emerald Ridge, Rogers and Puyallup give 20 seniors the award of Top 20 Senior, consisting of individuals who represent their class, as well as their school and the district.  

Tyler Anderson is one of the 20 selected for Puyallup High School. Though all seniors started online, Anderson persevered through this experience.  

“My high school career started off a little weird. My first year was online and that was honestly one of the hardest years because it was a new school, didn’t get to meet a lot of new kids, I was just on my own figuring it out,” Anderson said. “Through that, I struggled mentally a lot with trying to do schoolwork, meet new friends and honestly just keep going every day.” 

After a year of virtual faces, Anderson says she felt prepared for her junior year.  

“Junior year was much better. I have a very strong work ethic, that’s always been a very big part of school for me. Coming back junior year I was like ‘alright I’m ready, let’s do this thing,’” Anderson said. “The teachers here are very wonderful and supportive, I got to make a lot of connections with kids.”  

Extracurriculars were a large part of Anderson’s high school career, from sports to collecting community service.   

“I got involved in Viking Knights and Ladies, cross country and track; it was a really positive experience for me,” Anderson said.   

Throughout her high school experience, Anderson says she thought of herself as an introvert, so receiving the award felt like her hard work was paying off.   

“All of my hard work and the work I poured into high school and doing the best I can, is being recognized by people and it feels good,” Anderson said. “A lot of times I am a quieter person, so I can go unnoticed. This felt like my hard work was getting me somewhere.” 

Anderson shares her favorite high school memory. 

“My favorite high school memory was last year. It was during track season and all my friends surprised me, came to my track meet with birthday hats and watched my whole track meet. It was really nice of them to come,” Anderson.  

Though Anderson says she had an amazing high school experience, there is something she would change.  

“I would change the amount of time I put into schoolwork. That is probably one of my biggest regrets. I’ve spent so much unnecessary time on schoolwork and stressing. In the end, high school is meant to be enjoyed and prepare you for the future, but also, it’s meant for you to enjoy now,” Anderson said.  “Stress often gets in the way of that for me.”  

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