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Dedication Drives Wilson

Sophomore Sofia Wilson is a dedicated athlete.  

Her sports?  

Flag football, sleeping and reading.  

Wilson first played flag football around two years ago on a co-ed team, but due to her smaller stature, the guys quickly made the activity uncomfortable.  

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“I wanted to do it again because the first time, when I played co-ed, all the guys started getting really big and not nice so I had to quit,” Wilson said.  

This year, upon the establishment of a girls Flag Football team at PHS, Wilson was able to begin another season anew—despite standing at an impressive 5’2.  

“When I found out it would be with girls, I thought it would be a lot nicer, but they’re still big and mean,” Wilson said.  

Never one to give up, Wilson can always find motivation on the field. Her biggest motivating factor, she says, is never letting down her team. Alongside that, one of Wilson’s goals for the season is to stay on the varsity team.  

“They can switch JV and Varsity if you’re not doing good,” Wilson said.  

As for reading and sleeping, the hobbies tend to soak up her free time like a sponge does dishwater. That is, when homework isn’t soaking up more.  

“I read if I have the time. There is a lot of homework I have to do though, so by the time I finish with all of that I’m tired,” Wilson said.  

Aside from all her “sports”, Wilson has built a community around herself and her school experience. From teachers to friends to after-class activities, there’s never a dull moment for this student.  

“I’m a part of the cross-country team and I’m gonna do drama later,” Wilson said. “I have a lot of friends in them, and they’re also good ways to make more friends. It’s good to socialize. I feel like when I go home without doing anything after school, I’m really sad. There’s nothing else to do except homework.” 

Along with a healthy infrastructure of extracurriculars, Wilson says she finds support in her teachers and peers.  

“I’d say someone who supports me at school is Mrs. Massey. She’ll print out essays for me, she’ll answer all my questions about [Biology], and it’s just nice to have her,” Wilson said.  

No matter the length to which students apply themselves, Wilson is proof that they can always find a home in the hallways they roam– whether it be Flag Football, sleeping or Mrs. Massey’s class.  


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