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The student news site of Puyallup High School

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The student news site of Puyallup High School

The Viking Vanguard

Junior More Than Many Know

Junior Jacob Newcomer may be quieter than some, but he still stands out among his classmates with his sense of humor and interest in many different talents.  

Video games are one of the many hobbies that Newcomer enjoys. 

“I also like building Legos. I [also] do impressions of different accents and stuff like that,” Newcomer said. 

Water represents beauty to many people. Due to his love for water, Newcomer said his favorite color is YInMn Blue. 

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 “I’ve always liked swimming and water, so I really liked the color blue. But then I discovered YInMn Blue and it just speaks to me,” Newcomer said. 

The separation of music genres can define how a person develops their musical tastes. However, Newcomer says he can appreciate all genres of music in their own unique way. 

  “I think it just depends on you to find the songs that you enjoy in the genre,” Newcomer said. 

In terms of school taught topics, history is a topic that Newcomer is passionate about. 

  “I also really like geography but mostly just history,” Newcomer said. 

After high school, Newcomer is thinking about getting into voice acting. 

“Other than that, I don’t really know exactly what I want to do with my life after high school yet,” Newcomer said. 

Like many people, Newcomer is annoyed by certain things. Newcomer has a pet peeve of being accused of things he has not done. 

  “I get really defensive and angry quickly when someone does that,” Newcomer said. 

A Papa Murphey’s pizza is Newcomer’s favorite meal of all time. 

“Hands down, it’s a Papa Murphy’s family size, pepperoni with extra sauce,” Newcomer said. 

Video games are a popular form of media that teenagers engage in. Newcomer found it hard to list one videogame as a favorite of his. 

  “But I have a favorite game series, It’s the Uncharted series. And my favorite game out of the Uncharted series is Uncharted 3,” Newcomer said. 

Countries like Finland and Switzerland are on Newcomer’s list of places to potentially live in outside of the United States due to the social programs they have. 

  “There is also incredible quality of life. The fact that English is a second language for 90% of the population is also convenient,” Newcomer said. 

Newcomer claims his favorite movie is “The Mummy” starring Brendan Fraser from 1999. 

“And my reasoning for it being my favorite is because it’s the greatest movie of all time,” Newcomer said. 

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