Student section united by size

Football games present the opportunity for students to rally together, creating an overall sense of connectivity between peers.
Principal Eric Fredericks accredited a noticeable increase in football game attendees to the overall increase in student involvement seen so far this year.
“The student involvement that I have seen so far this year is like no other in the last two years. We have great leadership students who are continually pushing me to do things,” Fredericks said. “They are continually pushing me to allow them to do things that are going to make our school culture better and you cannot ask for more.”
As crowds gathered on the night of Sept. 5, the cheers of students echoed throughout Sparks Stadium.
At the head of the student section, senior Nathan Conway could be found leading students in cheers throughout the game. Conway spoke about how his experience attending football games has changed since his sophomore year.
“I am blessed to be at this school so it just shows how I am giving back in my own fashion,” Conway said. “I have become a lot more open. Sophomore year I was not as comfortable as I am now. Now I am just trying to go all out and do as much as possible.”
Football games present the opportunity for students to rally together, creating an overall sense of connectivity between peers.
“There are many different ways you can be connected to school. You can be connected to school through your academics, teachers, peers, clubs and activities. But another way is to just go out and be a fan and have fun in the moment, so it is a great way to be connected. The energy of those games and the energy of the kids and the fans is exciting to me. It feeds me. It is hard to go to sleep at night after a football game because you come home amped up,” Fredericks said.
The first football game was preceded by a tailgate held at PHS in the staff parking lot. Students gathered outside of the school and attended a barbeque together before heading off to witness the first victory of the season.
Sophomore Jagger Bolam discussed the importance of school spirit in creating a sense of unity among students.
“School spirit means helping to create a community and make it stronger. [Football games] brings everyone together,” Bolam said.
PHS football games enhanced a sense of unification among the student body, Bolam mentioned.
“If students have not experienced the Puyallup community connection, I think it is important for them to have an opportunity to see the relationship because that setting is a strong indicator of the strength of the relationship of the community and the school,” Fredericks said. “Certainly while we have a large student draw to the game, we have a large community draw as well and it is because of the ongoing history and connection of the community and the school.”