Lee celebrates family

Senior Anthony Lee enjoys watching movies, listening to his favorite heavy metal bands and playing video games with his four closest friends. What people may not know about him, however, is his passion for tattoos.
Lee got his first tattoo June 20, as a birthday gift.
“Here on my right arm, I have a tiger. I am eventually going to sleeve it out and so I am doing a family themed thing. I got the tiger for my brother, he was born in the year of the tiger and then his birth stone is a ruby so it has ruby eyes,” Lee said.
Lee’s passion for tattoos began with his family. So far, he has tattoos for his brother and mom.
“I got a little mouse [on my right arm] with a rose and diamond [eyes] because the eyes are too small for her birthstone. So, I just got her two favorite things which are roses and diamonds,” Lee said.
Lee plans on getting tattoos representing the rest of his family as well.
“Eventually I will get a wolf for my sister [who was born in the] year of the dog and a dragon for my dad,” Lee said.