Idealized relationships alter goals

The importance of maintaining a healthy relationship with your significant other can often motivate students to put their academics on the sidelines.
Teacher Cassandra Mueller spoke on the need to prioritize proper schooling over a successful relationship.
“I would say as a teacher that school should always come first. You should not sacrifice doing well in school or being around your family for a romantic partner,” Mueller said.
Mueller discussed the healthy qualities necessary in maintaining a healthy relationship
“I think assertiveness and communication are important. I think that assertiveness is difficult for a lot of people because being assertive means that you can express your feelings without damaging another person. Being able to express yourself is a huge risk when you really have an attraction towards someone,” Mueller said. “Knowing yourself is really important. It is best to know yourself before you enter a relationship and know what you want, what you do not want, all of that is very important for whatever relationship friend or romantic relationship you want.”
Health teacher Sue Krippaehne discussed the important steps one must take before subjecting themselves to a relationship.
“Cultivate a friendship. Get to know the person as a friend so that you really are getting to know them and are not so wrapped up around the romantic part of a relationship, which takes the stress off. Learn about them. Find out what their favorite things are,” Krippaehne said. “I would suggest at first, go places with groups. I think that starts a relationship out with nice stability.”
Senior Colton Buse emphasized the importance of expressing your feelings and opinions in a relationship in order to maintain trust.
“If you have anything to say make sure you say it. Do not hold anything back. Be up front and do not hide anything,” Buse said.
While being in a relationship may seem like the appropriate option for some, you should never feel obligated to enter a relationship that you do not feel comfortable with.
Mueller spoke on the benefits of avoiding entering a high school relationship.
“It is okay not to date. You have your entire life to decide what you want to do. If you want to romantically pair off with someone, you have your whole life to think about the positive and negatives of being in a relationship,” Mueller said.