Memorial held to honor teacher

A memorial was held Jan. 10, to celebrate the life of Maggie Jane Wall, former teacher at PHS. Wall passed away Dec. 25 after a battle with illness.

There were over 100 people in attendance at the memorial: family, as well as former and current students and colleagues.

Social studies teacher Frederick Orton, personal friend and colleague of Wall spoke at the memorial and commented on the attendance.

β€œ[The attendance was] a real testament to her legacy at Puyallup High School. Especially {because} a lot of the people there were former students of hers [from] 24 or 25 years of teaching. Her former students are in their 30s and 40s. A lot of them are very successful business people and her being their business teacher, she kind of got them started,” Orton said.

Wall taught everything from Business and Marketing to Interior Design, five class periods worth. Orton also commented on how Wall prepared her students for the business world.

β€œShe ran the Student Store and the Espresso Bar. On top of that she taught five classes. Every period was a different class, so she had to prepare every day for five subjects. In [the business] world, you are pulled into a million directions, she brought that experience from the real world into the classroom,” Orton said.