Alumni share Advice

The concept of college can be as ominous as a black abyss of uncertainty. Most incoming freshmen would rather square up against a ferocious tiger than be forced to tackle the mountain of nightmares that is made up of finals, student loans and the dreaded roommates.

Fortunately there have been generations and generations who have gone through the same experience to learn from.

A common theme among high school alumni is the idea that college is not always what it is made out to be.
Current freshman at Pacific Lutheran University Hailey Smoot comments on how her expectations of college life were altered.

“After experiencing my first semester of college, I was surprised at how much I was able to learn in such a short amount of time,” Smoot said.

The intense pace of college is an immense component that strikes fear into the hearts of freshmen everywhere. However grades may not be a one-way street like some stories would suggest.

Sander Susee, alumni, is now a freshman at Gonzaga University.

“All of my teachers are really helpful and really care. They care if you do well or not, none of them try and fail you intentionally,” Susee said.

This may come as a relief, considering how terrifying the idea of spending thousands of dollars on education and failing is.

Also attending Pacific Lutheran University is freshman Keigan Dravis, who has a few tips on how to tackle the homework load and finals week.

“Do all of your homework and turn it in on time. Copy down all the due dates from each class syllabus in a planner so that you never forget an assignment. It definitely helped me with staying sane,” Dravis said. “As for finals, staying up late studying does not help if you do not get enough sleep.”

On the topic of sleep, the dorm room is notorious for being a struggle to adapt to.

“Yes, they are ugly and small. But there are plenty of Pinterest ideas you can steal to make it more lively and enjoyable,” Smoot said. “It can also get pretty loud, depending on who you live with or around and which dormitory you choose to live in, so do not forget headphones or earplugs.”

There is one word of advice that every freshmen stresses of the graduating class and that is to not rush your days in high school.

“Enjoy as much of it as you can, because as soon as you turn your tassels it is all gone for good,” Susee said.

Hunter Davis, a freshman at Arizona State University, says that the secret to college seems to be to approach it with no expectations and experience your new life as it comes.

“Wherever you go, you have to go with an open mind and willingness to accept what is thrown at you. Because everything will be thrown at you,” Davis said.