Running Start offers college credit

Running Start is a program offered to students in high school who want to get a head start on getting college credit.

Students attending Running Start will receive nine high school and college credits a year as opposed to the average six.

Counselor Meg Kozar explains the process of joining Running Start.

“The first thing would be to attend an information session; they usually hold them in the spring. I think this year it is March 19 around 6 p.m. And then the first step would be to test with Running Start. So you would go to Pierce College, or where ever you are hoping to attend, you take academic tests in reading, math and writing,” Kozar said. “They determine what classes you might be able to go into. You might not pass the [math] test but if you pass the writing [test] you would be able to take [a] English class but maybe not [a] math class.”

Students should consider several things before they enter Running Start, according to Kozar.

“It is a great opportunity but you are also stepping into college classes, so you have to make sure you are academically ready. There is no transportation so you need to figure out whether you can drive there if you can take the bus or whatever your mode of transportation is going to be,” Kozar said. “The other part I think kids need to consider is if they are willing to give up some of their community. Because you can still be involved in [activities] at PHS or the high school you are going to. If you are taking full-time classes you are not going to see your normal peers.”