Swing dancing provides unique alternative

Swing dancing has become a popular past time for many Puyallup students.

Originally gaining its popularity in the 1920s, swing dancing has continued to act as a positive hobby for many people even in modern times. PHS has hosted two swing dances in the past and will be hosting its third Feb. 20.

ASB Vice President Emily Straka has attended swing dances in the past and has assisted in arranging prior dances.
Straka spoke on how the dance is structured.

“A lot of the seniors last year were really interested in swing dancing and so they got the Konzelman family to come in and teach us [how to swing dance],” Straka said. “A swing dance lasts about two hours. In the first half hour they teach you all the basics of swing dancing and how to do it. You get in a circle, boys on the outside and girls on the inside and you switch partners the whole time. Then, during the last hour and a half you are on your own and sometimes they will have people that will come and help you.”

Sophomore Natalie White has also acts as a coordinator of the swing dances.

White describes the positive reactions students have had to the dance.

“[The swing dance received] so much attention and people were so interested in it last year that we wanted to make it a bigger deal and expand on it. A lot of people said that they liked swing dancing more than homecoming because it was more fun and relaxing and it was a clean environment,” White said. “It is not something where you are grinding or being inappropriate— it is just a fun dance.”

Senior Celeste Grinnell enjoys attending swing dances because they are more appropriate than the average high school dance

“I like the opportunity we have to swing dance and [learn] a different style of dancing. I am actually one of the many people in my leadership class that really like to swing dance,” Grinnell said. “For the last swing dance, I made all of the advertisements and I was in the group that was responsible for [coordinating] the last dance. It was a lot of fun getting together and seeing everyone learn how to swing dance because most people do not get that opportunity in high school.”

Straka recommends that students attend the swing dance because it is an enjoyable experience for all.

“Swing dancing is a lot of fun. It is only three dollars and you do not have to have an ASB card. I had a lot of fun doing it—it is a different way of dancing,” Straka said.