Leadership hosts Welcome Back pep assembly Sept .8

Brandon Sujka and ASB President Kenton Robillard lead the school in the “Boom Boom Clap” cheer.
national anthem 1
(From Left to Right) Dave Sunich, Hannah Balado, Taylor Rutherford, Connor Fredericks , Caleb Graham, Kenton Robillard, Yadder Arnold , Sam Ebner and Nick Fraser.

“[The assembly] accomplished a lot of the goals they intended but it could have been better planned. It was like a practice for the real thing that will be the homecoming assembly,” ASB President Kenton Robillard said.







“First I want students to have pride in their school and I want them to get excited about school when they hear about it. I want them to want to come to school and want to be apart of PHS,” Robillard said.

A member of the Cheer Team in the midst of performing a routine for the school.

“We’re seventeen, we don’t take pity, we are the class to rule the city,” Junior Yell Leader Kaylee Setterfield said.

viking cheers 1
The junior and sophomore sections are led through some traditional PHS cheers.

“Pick one that sounds daunting, also pick something that wont sound cheesy three years from now,” Setterfield said.