Justin Bieber continues to disappoint

Justin Bieber: you either love him or you hate him.

I hate him.

Maybe it is too strong of a word but I really do not care for him.

It is not his music. I actually used to commend him for his success. He got famous because of YouTube and made it really big; that is quite impressive.

What I hate are his actions and the way he presents himself. Of course, being a celebrity would be hard: millions of people straining to peek into your life with high-power cameras and no sense of personal space. But that sort of lifestyle is no excuse for J Biebs’ recent actions.

A few weeks ago he was caught road-racing while drunk and high, then resisted arrest. And this is where what was left of my respect for him went out the window.

While the stupid decisions of getting drunk and high do seem to be in character for the pop star as of late, to make those decisions and then be audacious enough to get behind the wheel is something that goes beyond just stupid; it is selfish.

When you drive under the influence you are directly endangering every other person on or around the road.

I just feel that somebody who has so many people looking up to him (the majority of whom are very young and impressionable) would actually take the lives of others into some account before making such rash and dumb decisions.

Kids are still looking up to this guy and making excuses for him — “oh, he is just a kid, he is bound to make mistakes.” But the thing that separates Bieber from other kids is that he is getting every action recorded, and while that may seem unfair, he has a small troupe of prepubescent children looking up to him; to them, he is a role model.

In fact, people all around the vast nation that is the Internet are still defending the pig-headed pop star.

The blind loyalty of these such fans says a lot about how somebody’s prior opinion of somebody can directly influence how they react to what that person does. Beliebers proclaim their everlasting love for the boy in the comment sections of videos criticizing the young Canadian’s questionable choices. They defend his music in the comment sections of the same videos.

But what those people are not understanding is that nobody really cares about Bieber’s music anymore — what everybody is getting worked up about is how he continues to like act such a disrespectful and stuck up little brat.