Sports in School

You have made it through the school day, now you have to go through a two to three hour practice.
Then you can go home and finish your homework, go to sleep and wake up, only to repeat the process.
That is where the term “student-athlete” comes from.
Playing sports in school is great but it does make school life more stressful.
You have to work hard at practice and sometimes not get home until late at night, only to remember all the other work you have to do before bed.
This hectic schedule can leave you with virtually no time hang out with friends who may not play sports with you.
The most rewarding part though, is at the end of the tough practice week, after you and your teammates have made it through countless drills, after long days of class, is getting to play in a game with you and your friends. You work so hard to accomplish your goals and you get to show it off.
School sports are great because you can make new friends and create a better bonds with the ones you already had.
They bring people together, a weird way of creating competition between you and your friends or against another team.
They may not pay right now sports but give people good values and show people how to work hard and maybe someday it will become a career. They keep you busy and force you to keep your grades up if you want to continue playing throughout the season. Sports can also give you opportunities to get into college so long as you work hard and do well in school.
Playing sports during school may be difficult but it is fun and worth it.