Staffer Sips Starbucks Chile Mocha

Elizabeth Bullard, Staff

Starbucks released their Chile Mocha Sept. 6 alongside the traditional fall favorite the Pumpkin Spice Latte.
The Chile Mocha is an overrated beverage with spices that can clear sinuses after only one sip.
Starbucks Coffee is constantly revising their already critically acclaimed menu to keep coffee fanatics on their toes. As a daily coffee drinker, it is difficult to branch out on your daily caffeine routine.
The grande beverage is perfect for a typical fall day. It is not only hot in temperature but in taste. With the mixed spices incorporated this provides a balance between bitter and sweet. The Chile Mocha is topped with whipped cream, a simple solution to cool taste buds.
A fault of the Chile Mocha is its lack of coffee bean taste. The beverage is overly sweet, making the mocha have an aftertaste, resulting in horrific coffee breath. The mocha also cools down quickly, especially with our fall temperatures. The spices soon settle to the bottom, leaving a gritty texture on your tongue.
Starbucks is well known for their beverages and customers praise their products as if they are in high demand. This gives Starbucks the ability to overprice their drinks knowing customers will not turn away at the ridiculous prices. The grande Chile Mocha totaled to $5.46 after tax. One cup a day totals to $163.80 a month, thinking year round $1,992.90. Coffee is an expensive habit and is not worth the price for average tasting drinks. The Chile Mocha is a prime example.
After finishing a cup of the Chile Mocha I knew it would be my last. The beverage is a shadow of the Pumpkin Spice Latte however just as expensive. The mocha had a great combination of spices, which had me hopeful for a great tasting drink. Instead I was left penniless, with a grainy and lukewarm coffee to enjoy.