Creepy clowns create unnecessary chaos

In recent weeks, videos of creepy clowns have erupted and gone viral all over Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, showing eerie footage of sinister-looking clowns walking down the street. The scary clowns have even been reported locally, in Tacoma, Lynnwood and even on South Hill towards Graham.

With the fear of clowns being fairly common, this online phenomenon really blew up. People of all ages have been freaked out but I think that with everything that is happening in the world, it is something incredibly insignificant to be worried about.

At Rogers High School, a lockdown was put in place Oct. 4. Students reported seeing clowns nearby at Chapman Trail and an arrest was made the next day.

It is apparent that clowns have affected both our local community and national community. Although there have been threats made by the clowns, we are the ones really hurting them.

You know those people who dress up as clowns for a living and make balloon animals and face paint? Imagine how they feel.

They are just out there trying to have a good time, make people happy and spread joy. With this new formed bad reputation, how are they supposed to do that? Nobody is going to want to go near them, in fear of any sort of dangers.

Maybe we could stop being so selfish. We are injuring the business of clown freelancers and training the country’s children to be scared of fun people trying to disperse their happiness onto others. While keeping the kids of the world safe is a priority, it gets to a point where we are being a bit over the top.

If we give these scary clowns the attention they thrive off of, they will continue with their antics. With Halloween just around the corner, I advise you to steer clear of dressing up like a clown and to just stick with classics like a witch, a pumpkin or even Elsa from ‘Frozen.’