Registration causes contemplation


McKenna Zacher, Sports Editor

Every new semester brings a whole new wave of stress and adventure. I tend to adopt a “get-it-done” attitude by the end of January– get through finals and try to come out sane on the other side.

Adding to my mountain of stress has always been signing up for classes. As both a horrific overplanner and an incredibly indecisive person, this process inevitably ends 

with me second guessing and changing my schedule several times before that fateful day in September. I secretly suspect Mr. Sanchez is counting down the days until I graduate.

This time around is different. I feel forced to be decisive. Years of walking down a road feeling too underprepared and too immature to move up a grade has come to a screeching halt. I will be signing up for high school classes for the last time in just a few weeks. I will be a senior in just a few months. I will be graduating in just a year and a half.

I have increasingly began to catch myself thinking, “how did I get here?” It feels like just yesterday I was starting seventh grade, terrified as I was going to get lost on my first dayin my bootcut jeans and Toms.

Now my fears are much more grounded. What am I going to do after high school and who am I going to become? These are the questions that motivate me to do better, not only in school but in life itself.

I often find myself getting swept up in the little details. Five point math assignments, APUSH DBQs, English essays— it can be overwhelming. But as our time at PHS winds down, it is imperative to look at the big picture.

Through the end of first semester, continuing into final semester and senior year, we must try to enjoy our time as high schoolers. High schoolers who have less crucial responsibilities. Because before we know it, we will be walking down the aisle at graduation, straight into the real world.