Earl Thomas’s Exit

Around the end of the fourth quarter in game four of the 2018-2019 season, free safety Earl Thomas suffered a lower leg fracture while defending a pass. As he was being taken off of the field, the camera only briefly showed the moment that defines Earl Thomas’s future with the Seattle Seahawks.  I believe it may benefit Thomas more to move teams and get a raise but it would be better for the fans if he didn’t move and continued to play for Seattle.

For a moment, Thomas allegedly flipped off his own team’s bench. Thomas has been having contract issues with the Seahawks, due to the payment disagreement that they are having.

Earl Thomas has played for Seattle for eight years. He is one of the best players ever to be on the Seattle Seahawks and he was one of the three players who started the “Legion of Boom,” made up of Kam Chancellor and Bobby Wagner as well.

Over the offseason, Thomas said that he is upset over the amount he is getting paid because he feels he is one of the greatest defensive players in the modern league. Other safeties like Eric Berry and Rashad Jones average about $12,000,000 a year while Earl Thomas makes about $10,000,000.

Some may say that Thomas is greedy but he is one of the best safeties to ever play in the NFL, so he may want more money but the way he is approaching the situation is not very effective.

Thomas has still not said further on why he would do such an unnecessary act but he will hopefully tell everyone soon.

While the moment could’ve been handled differently, it’s important to understand that Thomas is frustrated. Without Earl Thomas the Seahawks will be a shell of what they used to be, losing him would cause the chances of the Seahawks going to the Super Bowl to decrease.