Creative writing, is there a write way?

Autumn Scriven , Staff

When I write I try to always let my imagination take me to where I want to go next. Sometimes I worry if what I’m writing is okay — will others like it and am I writing it the right way?

Online and in print, there are thousands of sources that will tell you tips on how to get better at writing and when I look at them, I sometimes end up feeling more confused than before. I try to follow their advice but I always go back to just writing it out.  

So, is there a correct way to write creatively?  


Although there are lots of tutorials and instructions on how to write a story the only thing stopping you from writing the way you want is you or maybe your editor if your publishing your story, but they can’t stop you from writing it. If you want to make a story with crazy space bananas fighting evil unicorns, be my guest.

There are specific spelling and grammar you need to use the rest of the story is up to you. The correct spelling and grammar are mainly used so that others can understand what you are trying to say, so don’t be afraid to have someone correct them there not trying to criticize your story.

Most guides will suggest that you make a character outline, to describe the character you are using or a story plot outline. I don’t use the story plot outline except when I’m just trying to get all my ideas out on paper. My suggestion is if you don’t use the story outline then you have a little bit of an idea of what you’re going to write ahead of time so it’s easier to start the story.  

The most important thing about writing creatively is that when you write it should be about something you love. If you don’t love the subject you’re writing about, if you don’t like your own characters in their own ways, others will probably not end up liking the either. Your story could blossom from a story about a few good characters to an awesome adventure packed book.  

There is no right way to write creatively. Everyone has their own way to write, everyone has their own story. If we only had one specific way to write most stories would be boring.  

The more I work on my own style of work and the more fun I put into it is how I make my stories likeable and fun for others. If there was a right way to write creatively then I wouldn’t even bother reading my own story.

Although some people seem to have better storytelling skills then others, I still enjoy reading the creative works of others and their stories, even if there storytelling is different than mine. Sometimes I may even use their ideas, with a twist, as inspiration for some of my stories.  

So, when you write a creative story remember there is no right way to write to a story. The way you write your story is up to you. The power of the pen and paper is in your hands.