Players consider possible options for next fall

Colleges around the United States try to recruit students based off their athletic ability and achievements on the field.
Senior Jasmine Lee has been playing soccer for three years at PHS. She plays forward as well as outside midfield.
Lee has been recruited by and is going to play for Hamline University which is a private liberal arts college in Saint Paul, MN. [Due to the schools D3 status.] Lee could not receive athletic scholarships but can receive merit scholarships.
“I went on my recruiting trip a few weeks ago and I loved it. The campus is beautiful and since I stayed with one of the current players I got to meet everyone who lived in the dorm and they all seemed really nice,” Lee said. “[When committing] the coach just asks you if you are going to play for his team and you say yes. So unless I break my leg between now and next August, I plan on playing for Hamline!”
Girls recruited by colleges can verbally commit to going to a college and playing for their team by making an agreement with the coach about benefits, playing time and possibly scholarships yet the official signing date is not until February. Scholarships are only offered to students attending a college level D2 or higher.
Girls and boys soccer coach, Matt White, is also the AP Psychology and U.S. Government teacher.
“[This season] has been going well. There are always challenges and people get hurt and things go left right up and down. But things are going well and the girls are working hard,” White said.
Senior Jessica Udovich is the current captain of the Puyallup High School soccer team, plays center back and outside back and was recruited by the University of Washington.
“I am planning on playing soccer for their team. I like the coaches and how the team is very involved in the community. I really like the campus, I think it is really pretty. I am also interested in going into the medical field and they have a very good medical program that they offer,” Udovich said.
Senior Liz Griffith is also the current captain of the girls soccer team, plays midfield positions and is going to attend Washington State University.
“I am planning on playing for WSU. [WSU was appealing because] they have a really good [soccer] program and I have always thought the PAC 12 was so cool. I also like the campus and going to a big college,” Griffith said.
The list of girls already recruited includes Bailey Plumb who was recruited by Pacific Lutheran University, Jordyn Bartelson who has been scouted by Boise State University and Riley Kudabeck who has been scouted by Peirce College.