Barkley gymnastics

Sophomore Crystal Barkley is a new member of the gymnastics team.
Barkley spoke on how the team is preparing for the competitive season.
“We have been working really hard, going to Roach (gymnastics gym) and using the equipment so we can prepare and work on floor routines. We are just working hard, as a team. We are trying to encourage each other and work together so we can learn new skills,” Barkley said.
Barkley shared what she has been enjoying about competing on the gymnastics team.
“It is really fun. It takes a lot of work and patience because you have to work at [skills]-you have to practice at it,” Barkley said.
Barkley reflected on her experience participating on the sport team this year.
“I [have been doing gymnastics] for four years. I was on other teams. It [has been] fun to do it at PHS,” Barkley said.