Senior Maddy Loe is one of the captains of the gymnastics team this season and wants to be like the seniors from last year.
“I feel confident, I am definitely going to miss the seniors from last year because they were all a really good part of the team. They really kept you pumped up and they had really good scores,” Loe said.
Loe really wants to prepare her team for this season.
“This year I am trying to make sure we have a strong team by conditioning them a lot. Honestly I am really excited, I am ready to go, I want to start getting our team out there and competing and see where we are going to be at with the other teams,” Loe said.
Loe also wants to see some of the younger gymnasts competing as well.
“There is this a girl from Kalles [Junior High] and she just quit Crystal Club Gymnastics and she is really good so I am excited about that,” Loe said.
Overall Maddy Loe is ready for this upcoming season.
“I am just ready to get out there,” Loe said.