Winter leads basketball team

Senior Brady Winter is stepping up for the basketball team and says he is ready to lead the team this season as captain.

“At the end of last season, my coach and I were talking about how big of a year we could have. We have eight guys returning and we need a leader as well as how he wanted me to be that leader and hopefully [we will] make it to the playoffs,” Winter said.

Winter was not happy about the end of last season and the seniors leaving without a victory.

“It [was unfortunate] because I played with Daniel Jay (Winter’s brother) during basketball and that was really cool. I was also playing with Nick Gutierrez, who was Tony’s brother, so it was really great having two brothers on the same team,” Winter said.

Brady is happy however to see some of the underclassmen that could potentially play with him this year.

“We have two point guards Nathaniel [Holcom] and Myles [Smith] who will be on varsity,” Winters said.