Hawks Nation

After all the Seahawks pandemonium of last year, has PHS lost the energy that brought the whole school and the whole state together to support the practically undefeated national football team?

Principal Eric Fredericks talks about what he has seen this year regarding the Hawks.

“I have no doubt there is a different energy about the Seahawks at PHS. I believe that many people are inclined to support our regional teams but the fact that they are winning compounds the enthusiasm,” Fredericks said.

The basketball games on Saturday Jan. 10 were moved in order to have a larger turn out, if the game had not been moved most supporters would have been watching the Seahawks game instead, mentioned Fredericks.

“There is a bit of a perception that we have rescheduled so that people can go catch the Hawks game. In reality, we have rescheduled because we know the Hawks game is going to impact attendance at our basketball games,” Fredericks said. “We want to have as big of crowds supporting our student athletes as possible; especially given that this was PHS versus RHS.”

The Hawks’ effect both the sports teams and the student body at Puyallup.

A group of students and teachers on the third floor created a Seahawks-themed hallway. The hall was meant to support the Seattle Seahawks as they went into the NFC Championship game and from then on out.

Math teacher Rachal Peart, who instigated the hallway project, spent the Thursday before the Championship game out in the halls reminding all students and staff to dress up for Blue Friday.

Kelty Pierce, one of the leadership students who participated in creating the spirited hallway likes the sense of community PHS upholds during the blue and green uproar.

“My favorite thing about the Super Bowl and all the success that the Seahawks are having is that everyone is always just in such a good mood. It gets everyone so excited and it really brings everyone together. I love walking around and seeing all the blue and green,” Pierce said.

Avid Seahawks fan and junior, Nick Fraser, explains how he thinks the team’s success contributes to the overall moral and spirit of the school.

“I believe that the Seahawks’ success creates an increase in spirit and excitement around the school because of the comradery produced from us all being a part of something greater,” Fraser said.

Riley Voss, junior, adds her thoughts on the atmosphere that the Seattle Seahawks brings to Puyallup.

“I feel like it brings everyone together. Just like how when our teams at PHS win it makes everyone happy and puts off a really positive vibe around the entire school,” Voss said.