Two Perspective: One Game (game view)

“There is nothing else like the Super Bowl. How do I describe the experience? Amazing, from beginning to (almost) end. The weekend was a roller coaster of emotions, I went to Arizona with my husband and kids. The weather started out terrible—it felt like home. We had a great time visiting family. Seahawk fans were everywhere. In downtown Phoenix, we could not go for more than five minutes without a fan starting the “SEA – HAWKS” chant. There were Hawk fans that lived in Arizona and fans that just came down for the fun and were not even going to the game. We far outnumbered the Patriot fans.”
“On game day, my husband and I got to the stadium at noon, when it opened. It was packed four hours before game time. The sun was finally shining—it felt great to be a “12.” The atmosphere was incredible. The game was intense throughout. We experienced the highest of highs and at the end, the lowest of lows. But overall, it was an amazing experience. My heart is still hurting from the loss but we are faithful “12’s.”
Q: Can you tell me about a moment from the experience that stands out to you for any reason?
A: “Just in general, the coolest thing was the incredible amount of Seahawk fans everywhere – in Phoenix, Scottsdale and at the game.”
Q: What was the energy like in the stadium itself?
A: “The energy at the game was intense, exciting and stressful. As a Hawk fan, we were on our feet the entire game. When the defense is on the field, you have to yell at the top of your lungs.”
Q: Favorite moment? What was the halftime show like live?
A: “The half time show was great live but hard to see. People watching on television had a much better view. We had finger lights for the half-time show, so the lighting in the stadium was cool. I would have liked Lenny Kravitz to play more.”
Q: When did your family make the decision to go? How did you get tickets?
A: “We talked about going to the Super Bowl this year immediately after the Seahawks won the Super Bowl last year. We really got serious about going after the Hawks beat the Panthers. We actually made all of our reservations two days before the Green Bay game—we had faith. My husband bought our tickets from a ticket company and he drove to Mercer Island to pick up the tickets. We know several people who got to Arizona and went to pick up their tickets and the company/seller did not have the tickets—they got their money back but were out of luck for going to the game.”