Two Perspectives: One Game (Home view)

The whole Super Bowl was a nail-biting ordeal.
I was so excited when the Seahawks were a few yards from repeating.
A city that has been the laughing stock of sports for years, was that close to being Super Bowl Champions for the second year in a row but we celebrated a little too soon.
After quarterback Russell Wilson threw the interception so close to the goal line, my heart was more deflated than the Patriot’s footballs allegedly used in the AFC Championship.
You could feel the anger and disappointment of the Seahawks and their fans. The fight at the end of the game, resulting in fines for several of the players involved, did not help the feeling either.
The Seahawks were just as good as they were last year, proving a lot of people wrong. The team was able to bounce back after losing important games that were on the cusp of being lost.
Losing to the Cowboys at home at the beginning of this season was terrible because it was one of those games we needed to win.
Although that initial defeat, it has been amazing to see such a young team possess such great leadership and have such great chemistry. All of the players work together in such good unison. These players would not be as successful individually because of how strong the bond is between teammates.
I was confident in the Seattle Seahawks throughout the playoffs and knew they would easily beat the Panthers; I had the same confidence when the Seahawks played the Packers at home.
I got nervous in the Packer’s game when the Hawks started throwing interceptions but still had faith in my team. Then the fourth quarter and my boy Marshawn Lynch made me proud again by scoring a touchdown that put the team into overtime.
Wilson threw an amazing pass to Jermaine Kerse and everyone started cheering because we came back from defeat.
The Seahawks pulled out another victory because they never gave up. They are an excellent comeback team so this was not that much of a surprise to me.
I was excited to see the Seahawks back in the Super Bowl again.
They had to play Tom Brady and the rest of his New England Patriots. Both teams got off to a slow start and was really close throughout the entire game. It actually made me happy that both teams were tied 14-14 at halftime because the Seahawks are a better team in the second half.
They proved me right when we scored 10 more points in the third quarter and did not let the Patriots score any. The Seahawks were playing great and had the lead in the fourth quarter thanks to their beast in the backfield Lynch. I felt my heart sink in my chest when the Patriots scored another 14 points in the fourth quarter.
The Seahawks made an amazing drive down the field and I had to watch Kerse’s awesome catch over and over again to make sure I knew what just happened.
Although we lost, I am already looking forward to the next season, looking to see how this young team is going to bounce back next season.
I personally believe this was a great football season for Seattle.