Senior Gymnasts Qualify

Three seniors will move on to compete with six others from Washington this May at the Senior National Gymnastics team in Fort Keys, FL.

In May, Puyallup High School will be well represented as three girls, Peyton Parker, Hailey Halford, and Summer Barret, will be participating in a national tournament. All three got chosen to be a part of the Senior National Gymnastics Team. The tournament will be happening in mid-May.

Almost a third of the representatives will be from PHS.

“There are 10 representatives from Washington going to Florida,” Parker said.

Parker is very excited to represent the state of Washington.

“There’s added pressure because we are competing and representing the entire state of Washington. I’m also looking forward to meeting new girls from around the country and being able to represent Washington,” Parker said.

Summer Barrett and Peyton Parker confirmed when and where the event will be taking place.

“It’s in Florida on May 15th in Fort Keys Florida,” they said.

Barrett will be using her performance at state to boost her confidence.

“Yes it does, I thought I was going to do a lot worse at state, but third isn’t so bad.”

Barrett was surprise when she found out she made the team.

“I was at school, Hailey [Halford] came up to me and told me check my email. I was very happy, obviously, about making the team it’s exciting, “Barrett said.

Parker on the other hand a different experience.

“I was at my house, I actually found out a day after Summer [Barrett] and Hailey [Halford], so the day that they found out I was really sad, but when I found I actually did make I was really excited,” Parker said.

Barrett started gymnastics very young.

“I started doing gymnastics when I was only 3 years old at the Auburn Gymnastics Center,” Barrett said.

Both had major meets that they have been a part of in the past.

“State is the biggest competition I have participated, last year the entire team made state,” Parker said.

“The biggest event that I was a part of was two years ago when I was with Auburn Gymnastics Center, I was first in our region, which is seven states,” Barrett said.

Barrett noted that there is definitely extra pressure to this competition in particular.

“There’s definitely extra pressure, since only nine people from this state are going. We have had some practices together, and they are a lot more intense, then when preparing for any other meet,” Barret said.

Parker had a simple reason for why she wanted to participate in gymnastics at the high school.

“High school is more laid more laid back then clubs so it is a lot more fun,” Parker said.

Barrett also participated at the high school level for a similar reason.

“I was at a really intense club, and so I thought that high school would be a really good compromise because it’s a little less time. Still competing and have fun doing sports,” Barret said.

Barrett said that her biggest mentors and supporters were people very close to her.

“Definitely my parents, the have always pushed me hard and make sure I’m trying my hardest every time and making the best decision,” Barrett said.

All three girls are very much looking forward to this great competition. Give them a pat on the back for all the work and dedication they have but in to get here. Good luck to all three of them down in Florida.