NFL Recap Up to Week 5

Jackson Roberts, Staff

                                                            NFL Summary 5 Weeks in

            Sadly, NFL season had to start out differently than usual. With the outbreak of Covid-19 the NFL had to cancel the 4 preseason games where the players fight for roster spots on the team and the fans get to watch football after months without it. To make the season worse this has been one of the worst years for injuries. The amount of torn ACL’s and other injuries has been crazy and have caused players to miss multiple games or even the whole season.

            If you ignore the injuries though, fans have been so excited for football and it hasn’t disappointed. There’s been players breaking out and emerging as superstars and a lot of highlight plays and close games. One of the teams who have been most exciting to watch is the hometown Seattle Seahawks. They are currently 5-0 and debatably the best team in football. They manage to keep their fans on the edge of the seat with the amount of close games they have. They are not the only undefeated teams so far though. The Tennessee Titans, Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers are also undefeated. It is very rare any team maintains this pace throughout the 16-game season.

            While there’s surprising teams that our undefeated like the Titans and Steelers, there has also been many disappointments this season. For example, the Atlanta Falcons were in the Superbowl 3 years ago and lost to the New England Patriots. Ever since then they’ve seemed to go downhill, but no one expected them to go 0-5 so far this season. You could say its not all their fault because they’ve been hit hard with the injury bug this season, but you can’t not be disappointed with how they’ve played this season. Another team that’s hard to put on here as a disappointment because they’ve also been very injured is the San Francisco 49ers.

            As for some breakout players, Seattle Seahawks wide receiver DK Metcalf has emerged as a star so far this season. In five games Metcalf has racked up 16 receptions, 403 yards and three touchdowns. He is on pace to have a very good season. Seeing quarter back Josh Allen improve drastically in his 3rd season in the NFL has been a pleasant surprise. Allen is a former first round pick by the Buffalo Bills but has been mediocre in his first 2 years, but this year he has turned it up. In five games he has thrown for 1,326 yards, 12 touchdowns and only thrown one interception while leading his team to a record of 4-1.

            There haven’t been to many disappointments this season for players but there is still a couple we could name. The player who has been the most disappointing is quarter back of the Washington Football Team, Dwayne Haskins. Haskins was also a first-round pick who showed flashes of talent in his first year in the NFL but otherwise was not good. People didn’t expect him to come back and play like an MVP, but they expected him to improve, and its not looking like he has. He started the first 4 games of the season for Washington but got benched in the middle of the 4th game. The next player hasn’t been to disappointing, but everyone expected him to play super good. Kyler Murray is the quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals and people expected big things from the former number one overall pick out of Oklahoma. In the offseason the team went out and traded for debatably the best Wide Receiver in the NFL, Deandre Hopkins, but even with Hopkins he hasn’t played as well as everyone hoped he would.

            Russel Wilson has easily looked like the MVP so far this season, but you cant count out anything just yet. The other 3 players who have a legitimate shot for MVP are, two time MVP Aaron Rodgers quarterback of the Green Bay Packers, Josh Allen as I mentioned earlier and former MVP and reigning Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes.