‘Walter Mitty’ wanders beyond expectations

Though rated lowly by most movie critics and only 48 percent “fresh” rating on the website Rotten Tomatoes, “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” is a movie that cannot be judged by its cover. Having both fictional and realistic characteristics, this movie is equally inspiring and down-to-earth.

I entered the movie theater not quite sure what to expect. The first part of the movie seemed somewhat confusing as I was not quite sure if there was any particular plot other than this man’s life of day-dreams. But as the movie progressed I found myself leaning forward and gaining a sudden interest and intensity I had never felt regarding a movie before.

“The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” is the kind of movie that draws you in with little pieces of curiosity that begin to spark a fire and once it ends, leaves you with the roaring flame of inspiration. I know I was not the only viewer who left feeling utterly moved. This movie will have you leaving in tears because of the meaning in the humorous yet significant ending.

Ben Stiller plays Walter Mitty, a negative asset for Life magazine. A middle- aged, ambiguous, good-natured man who aspires to be a man of wits, humor and taste in his dreams but never quite puts them to action; until the day his job responsibilities requires him to be the adventurer he has always longed to be and experience the world.

As entertaining as it was to watch the audience gasp at breathtaking scenes and lean forward in their chairs, I soon found myself doing the same. Little thrills and moments of emotion are a common occurrence; this movie really makes you feel something. Pure emotion, raw humor and inspiration encompass the entirety of it.

One thing the movie very well could have done without was the mild language and hints of inappropriate, crude humor. There were a few parts that made my cheeks flush out of embarrassment and looking around the theater to cover any child’s ears. Though I came with the mindset that it was a family movie, I am sure it was humorous to older audiences.

I absolutely loved and adored the part Kristen Wiig played as Cheryl Melhoff, Walter Mitty’s love interest and quite often his inspiration to be brave throughout the film. Cheryl Melhoff, a single mother and part of the Life magazine staff, helped Mitty throughout the show to encompass his dreams and fulfill his job to the highest fulfillment possible for such an employee.

The end nearly had me in tears, which was surprising because I am not one to get misty eyed over a movie. The inspiration and warm feeling it left in my heart was the cause of my brimming tears. The raw emotion and a clear call to action that the movie concluded with was so real and left me with a satisfactory smile on my face.

If you are one to view movies based on what the critics say, I would advise to ignore their ratings and opinions this time and see this movie for yourself. I can almost guarantee you will not leave disappointed.