Yearbook staff has until March 23 to finish the book that is highly anticipated by all.
Yearbook editor Jayce Allen shares the consequences of not finishing the yearbook on time.
“We are fined a hefty chunk of money,” Allen said.
The yearbook staff has a lot to cover this year.
“Anything and everything really, all classes and sports are going to be covered to my knowledge,” Allen says.
The yearbook crew consists of 16 staff members and six volunteers.
When splitting up the duties of the staff, they make it a volunteer situation and then those who do not volunteer draw sticks to decide what they are covering.
“Noted everyone has to do pages so we try and make it equal,” Allen said.
In order to keep things working smoothly in class they use music.
To have fun the yearbook staff does an assortment of different things together.
“…work parties, in school activities and conventions for yearbook nerds (Yerds),” Allen said.