Step and Krump prepares for Homecoming assembly

With music in their hearts and a beat in their feet, the Step and Krump team creates an entirely unique sound that echoes through the floor and throughout the halls.
The Step and Krump team meets at 2:35 p.m. every Monday in the Commons.
One of the team members, Cassidy Lance said the club offers the opportunity to be in front of the student body.
“It is such a great chance to be able to show off what you can do in front of the entire school,” Lance said.
The Step and Krump team performs in assemblies but the hours of practice that go behind all the performances has created a close group.
“Everyone is family. You never have to worry about people making fun of you if you mess up because you are completely free to be yourself,” Lance said.
Step and Krump is currently working towards their performance Oct. 30 during the Homecoming assembly.