Gym modernized by new scoreboard

The scoreboard used in the gym received a face lift this past February as it replaced an aging clock.
Now when walking into the gym, instead of seeing a worn and outdated clock, a brand new purple and gold scoreboard pops out of the wall. The new scoreboard is part of the project to modernize the gym. Two years ago, the gym saw four new basketball hoops installed “for safety reasons” according to athletic director Lisa Muiznieks.
The 25 year old scoreboard was put up in 1989, when the gym was last remodeled. When 400-light bulbs needed to be replaced in the old scoreboard, Muiznieks says she knew it was next on the list.
One of a number of things that were bought when the gym was redone in 1989, the clock has now lived out its life span and it needed to be replaced.
“It is used for a lot of things besides basketball. During volleyball [season] it will be able to display player numbers and player statistics during the course of the game. We can use both boards at once during wrestling so we can have two wrestling matches scored at the same time. It has a lot more functions than people realize,” Muiznieks said.
There are many additional benefits to the new scoreboard as mentioned by the head boys basketball Coach Scott Campbell.
“It makes it a lot easier to read the score and time,” Campbell said.
The ability to read the scoreboard at a glance can be key in the middle of a close game. Running the scoreboard has been a smooth transition for Campbell.
“It is about the same because they are made by the same company, so the consoles are pretty much the same,” Campbell said.
When asked about his favorite part of the new scoreboard, Campbell mentions that he enjoys the updating of old facilities.
“Any time there is an upgrade to the gym, for all the sports teams who use the gym, I think that is great. Our facility here is a great facility but it is obviously older and in need of updating and repairs. I think the scoreboards were one of the needed replacement items,” Campbell said.
The new scoreboard runs on LED lights which are expected to last at least two decades.
“I really like that it displays the fouls, points and player numbers for the players on the court,” said Muiznieks. “I also really like the ‘Puyallup Viking’ bracket up above the top because I think it looks really good. Also the outdated scoreboard was still operating on old-fashion light bulbs.”
Junior Varsity boys basketball Coach Cliff Owens reinforces the benefits of the new scoreboard.
“I like that the new scoreboard keeps tracks of the individual points and fouls. We can get a better view of how the players are doing on the floor,” Owens said.
The clock ended up costing around fifteen thousand dollars, including delivery and installation. The funds came from a number of sources. A portion was provided from the regular building budget as well as a fund in the ASB account.
“[The money] came from the class of 2011 who had a significant amount of money left in their ASB account they did not need to use and [had] no use for,” said Muiznieks
The modernization of the gym does not stop at the scoreboards. The Athletic Department is already looking into the prices of a number of additional replacements.
“A new scores table, bench chairs, safety padding around the gym and some painting [is] recommended,” Muiznieks said.
Others recommend different changes.
“I would like more functioning basketball hoops,” Owens says.
Campbell encourages other future items that need to be addressed.
“The next thing that needs to be replaced is the floor. I do not think it will last much longer. There are boards that are breaking and cracking just from daily wear and tear. A gym floor should not be responding that way,” Campbell said. “I think it is getting close to being a safety factor. The number of holes, divots and cracks in the floor pose a safety risk if [students] fell or tripped [they] could get hurt.”
Until new additions to the gym are addressed, Viking fans can enjoy a functioning gym with a brand new purple and gold scoreboard.