Flawless Engages Young Women at PHS

    Shayla Jones

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    March 31, 2017

    Flawless, a club originally formed at Kalles in November 2014, has made its way to PHS. The club will hold its first meeting Nov. 17, though the meeting place is yet to be determined.

    “Our mission is to help young women develop relationships and help them to understand themselves,” Kalles Assistant Principal and founder of Flawless, Lashawnda Baldwin said.

    The club covers many things over the year to help young women explore themselves and what it means to be a woman in today’s society.

    “Each girl signs a confidentiality pledge when she comes in and then they take a personality quiz to categorize them so they can better understand their personalities,” Baldwin said, “Last year one of the girls was a Mary Kay consultant so she came in and showed the girls how to use natural colors to enhance their features and we watched a documentary called ‘Finding Kind.’ We also had multiple discussions about media perception and proper media etiquette. There is also a lot of self-reflection.”

    Many might be wondering where the name Flawless comes from. In answer, Baldwin spoke about her love of Beyoncé.

    “The name Flawless is because I and the other advisers are Beyoncé fans but we made it mean something. It stands for Friendly, Loyal and Ambitious, Works hard, Leader, Empowered, Sophisticated and Sassy. We wanted the girls to empower the fierceness that Beyoncé represents,” Baldwin said.

    Touching on the reason behind expanding, Baldwin had nothing but love for her departing freshman, so much that she wanted to create a place for them to continue growing and discovering themselves.

    “We had nine immaculate ninth graders who went off to PHS so we wanted to continue giving them somewhere to grow and understand themselves. That’s what Flawless is, it is a place where young women can be themselves and understand who they are,” Baldwin said.